F r a n k   W a l s h



Director designed the sequence with the Los Angeles Art Department, using Sketchup software to quickly assimilate what he required. This was passed on the London Art Department, who using more sophisticated computer software to solve the complex calculations and producing the technical drawing of the set, which created the optical illusion of the Penrose Steps physically.  The set piece had to be designed so it could be brought into the selected location outside London, through a single doorway, and quickly erected on site. VFX provided asssitance by taking the CGI model created by the London Art Department and confirming their mathematics of where the camera had to be placed, and then pre visualising the sequence so the Director could approve it matched his vision. In the final shot, VFX added the handrail on the lower section (due to its extreme perspective shift and removed the supporting steel legs, which were required to make the structure safe for the actors to walk up.